Ward Refurbishment at The Coombe Maternity Hospital, Dublin

Ward Refurbishment at The Coombe Maternity Hospital, Dublin

    Modia Consulting were appointed to estimate and evaluate the works associated with the upgrade of maternity wards in The Coombe Maternity Hospital, The Coombe, Dublin 8. As part of the service Modia Consulting were responsible for appointing all sub contractors, issuing cash flows and reporting on cost changes. The service included for programme reviews and the submission of payment applications to the project design team. Modia Consulting also carried out a risk evaluation associated with the works as the project was in the middle of a live working environment and the tender costs needed to reflect these unique circumstances.

    Project Details: The project consisted of the phased refurbishment of the existing St. Joseph’s Ward on the first floor of the Coombe Women and Infants University Hospital in the Coombe, Dublin 8. The project was split into three phases. As the contractor worked on one side of the ward the other half was fully functioning. This was a major health and safety risk and detailed measures were put in place to ensure the safety of all occupants and continual availability of life saving services. Existing rooms were combined to provide larger suites with new bathrooms added to all bedrooms.

    Project Team: RKD Architects | Garland | Ethos | Modia Consulting | Brendan Merry & Partners

    Approximate Value: €600,000

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