Standard Services

Order of Magnitude Costings and Feasibility Studies

Modia Consulting provides order of magnitude costings and project appraisals so that crucial decisions can be made based on early cost advice. This assists the client to make an informed decision on the project requirements and avoids unnecessary re-working of the design as the project proceeds.

Detailed Cost Planning

As the project progresses, Modia Consulting review the design, drawings and outline specification and prepare a cost plan which will accurately reflect the design intent. We work closely with the client and design team in order to prepare accurate costings and identify where the specific costs arise. We suggest where economies can be achieved on the project so that the client can achieve best value for money. We would consider this stage to be one of the most critical stages of the project as it pins down the budget for the project upon which all future design decisions are made.

Tender Documents

Key to Modia Consulting’s service is cost control. We prepare detailed and accurate Bills of Quantities so that all elements of the team’s design are captured in our pricing documents. This ensures that Contractors are tendering on an “apples with apples” basis and there is no scope for the successful contractor to make gratuitous claims for increased costs post contract award.
While preparing tender documents we are constantly reviewing the design to ensure that it is in line with the budget. Where the design has diverged from the agreed budget we highlight this to the design team and suggest areas of cost savings in order to offset additional costs and bring the project back on budget.

Procurement Advice

Modia Consulting has an excellent knowledge of all forms of contract utilised in the Irish construction industry and are well placed to provide clients with procurement advise, be it public or private contracts. We have successfully assisted clients with all types of contractual arrangements depending on the particular client requirements.

Life Cycle Costing

As running and maintenance costs are equally as important as capital expenditure, we can advise the client on the life cycle costing of the project. This can be as simple as suggesting replacing one type of material with another for durability reasons or as complex as analysing both the capital costs and running costs of all the systems in the building and discounting to nett present values.

Value Engineering

Value Engineering is crucial at every stage of the project and we carry this out as a matter of course on an ongoing basis. When this process is carried out at the early stages of the project it reduces the need for re-working the design in the latter stages and mitigates against delay. Value engineering ensures the client gets value for money without compromising the design.

Post Contract Services

Modia Consulting carry out rigorous cost control procedures post contract. As it is our policy to prepare a detailed Bill of Quantities, this serves as a valuable control document post contract. If and when variations or change orders arise we have the necessary tools to accurately assess the contractor’s claim.
Along with preparing monthly payment recommendations, cashflow forecasts and the final account, we prepare stage cost reports for the client and design team. Where unforeseen costs arise we can suggest cost saving measures in order to bring the project back in line with the budget. We endeavour to keep the client informed at every stage of the project so that when unforeseen events arise, early decisions can be made in order to mitigate and avoid unnecessary costs.

Estimating and Bill of Quantity Production

In addition to the traditional service, Modia Consulting provides a tailored solution for estimating and/or preparation of bills of quantities for pricing purposes.

Modia Consulting are very experienced in estimating for all types and sizes of construction projects. We assess the documentation and pricing documents provided in order to prepare a comprehensive, accurate and competitive tender proposal for submission by our clients.

Where a bill of quantities is not provided with the tender documents for pricing, Modia Consulting has extensive experience in preparing bill of quantities to accurately reflect the tender drawings and specification in order to assist our client with their tender.

Additional Services

Project Management

Modia Consulting has successfully carried out Project Management services for a number of our clients. Acting as Project Managers we view our role as being part of the team but co-ordinating all team members so that the design, cost and construction process operates efficiently and effectively. We understand that time is money and we provide one point of contact for our clients in order to reduce their contact hours with the project. Depending on the client’s desired level of involvement in the project we tailor our reporting procedures accordingly. We commit to managing the entire process from inception to completion in order to deliver a high quality product to our client.

Legal Disputes

As Quantity Surveyors we have the technical, cost and procurement knowledge to be perfectly placed to assist with disputes on construction projects. We can provide advice in order to avoid the requirement for the legal route or alternatively where that is not an option we can act as expert witness in legal cases.


Modia Consulting prepare Reinstatement Valuations based on carrying out a review of the building particulars and current market rates so that our clients can assess their insurance needs. This gives the client piece of mind that they are adequately insured and our comprehensive review has resulted in reduced costs of premiums for clients.

In the event of an insurance claim, we provide a cost valuation service in order to accurately assess the cost of reinstatement for submission to the insurance company.

Other Services

Below is a list of additional services and areas that Modia Consulting provide advice to our clients on a regular basis:

  • Design and Build Solutions
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Planning Advice and Appeals
  • Fund Monitoring
  • Asset Management
  • Due Diligence and Risk Assessments
  • Bid Management and Prequalification Solutions
  • Liquidation Procedures
  • Bond Negotiations
  • Project Programming
  • Cashflow Forecasting
  • Fireproofing Advice and Remediation Plans
  • Design Competitions
  • M&E Cost Management
  • Defect Remediation Plans
  • Pyrite Rectification

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