About Us


Modia Consulting provides a client-centred approach to cost advice for the construction industry. We offer accurate cost solutions to our clients in order to facilitate informed business decisions. We understand that clients’ decisions are multi-faceted, cost is not their only concern, however in our experience, providing clients with a trustworthy cost advice service reduces risk and ultimately saves our clients money.

We understand that one size of service does not fit all clients and therefore we strive to work with them from the outset to achieve a tailored solution.


The company was founded in 2008 and, while trading as WMQS Dublin, built a strong reputation for providing clear and concise cost advise, estimating, procurement solutions and effective project management services.
Establishing the company in the difficult financial environment presented to the industry in 2008 has instilled a keen awareness of the need for rigid cost control procedures on construction projects. Although activity in the sector was significantly reduced from previous years, the company focussed on our clients and their individual needs, tailoring each service accordingly. There was a keen awareness of the challenges that faced clients in the industry and although activity had slowed it did not cease completely. Therefore the key to success for our clients was to gain a competitive edge and we strived to achieve this and achieved it successfully.


At Modia Consulting we believe that teamwork is the key to success, be it across the project team or within our own team. Within the project team we contribute to the front end knowing that early cost advice significantly benefits the project. We work closely with the other team members to achieve economies in design and function from the outset. In preparing tender documents we have formed good working relationships with design teams to ensure that the information we require to prepare our documentation is clearly defined and unambiguous.
Within our own company team we have effective procedures in place to ensure that no information is lost from task to task or project to project. We work hard to build our cost knowledge and are constantly researching market movements to ensure that we have our finger on the industry pulse.


Modia Consulting desires to nurture existing relationships. Our existing clients are very important to us as we have come through the financial crisis with them and believe that we are on a positive footing to grow and progress with them. We are constantly trying to improve our service through continuing education and professional development so that we can better serve our clients in a constantly changing environment.

We also wish to utilise our experience to form new relationships. We feel that the knowledge we have gained since the foundation of the company will assist clients to achieve their business desires.

As the industry continues to emerge from the recession, Modia Consulting will maintain our individual approach to projects – assess the client’s needs; tailor the service; provide excellent cost advice.

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